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Choosing the right wording for wishing well can be tricky.

So many brides we worked with struggle with it. After all, it is difficult to ask for money from your friends and families. It helps to remember that your loved ones are very eager to get you something that you and your future husband would truly appreciate as a wedding gift!

When I was planning my wedding, so many friends asked me what we would like as a wedding gift. I told them we were having a wishing well, but because wishing well isn't such a common term in Singapore, I had to awkwardly explain what it means.

I don't want you to go through that experience, so it is important that you include gift instruction on your wedding invitations. Here are a few ways to find the right wording for your wedding wishing well.

(1) Be honest with them

If you don't want a wishing well poem, just write an honest, personal and short paragraph to let your guests know that you will be having a wishing well. You don't have to be a poet! 

One of the brides I recently worked with worded it perfectly.

We have been asked for ideas on what gifts we may need or would like.
But for us, the most important thing is to share our special day with you.
If we are honoured with a gift from you,
may we respectfully request a contribution toward our future together.

Thank you.

(2) Going on honeymoon?

Asking contribution for your honeymoon is a perfect idea! Your loved ones are finding a way to treat you and your fiancé, so why not give them a perfect reason?

Honeymoon Wishing Well Poem 1

Many of our guests have enquired
for a gift idea to be inspired.
Like many young couples today,
we have a lot of things anyway.
If you would like to give, it is our request,
for something for our treasure chest.
A gift of money you can afford,
is just what we need, you can be assured!
Without the help of this little pun,
our honeymoon might not be as much fun.

Honeymoon Wishing Well Poem 2

Now we are to be Mr & Mrs
We don’t need a wedding list of dishes.
A holiday is what we need,
so your help with this would be a great gift indeed.
So should you wish to honour us with a gift,
we have registered a honeymoon registry
at Flight Centre where you can make a contribution
to help us make a honeymoon
a memory that will last a lifetime.

Honeymoon Wishing Well Poem 3

To support us on our special day
you may wish to follow with tradition and bring a gift.
Or alternatively you may like to help us
make our honeymoon a little more special.
For this reason we have chosen a wedding treasure chest.
The treasure chest will be at the reception
where we can receive your best wishes and contribution.

(3) Buying a new home?

Many couples buy a new home around the wedding. It is lovely on paper, but such big life events one after another can cost substantially. If you ask your family to contribute to your home, instead of buying you a second or third toaster, they will be happy to do that for you!

New Home Wishing Well Poem 1

Now we are to be Mr & Mrs
We don’t need a wedding list of dishes
we have two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves
We require a house for which we have to save.
If you would like to give us a gift,
A cheque or vouchers would give us a lift
We like to think of it as our ‘Wishing Well’
Which will be filled with your love, we can tell.

New Home Wishing Well Poem 2

If you were thinking of giving a gift, to help us on our way.
A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way.

New Home Wishing Well Poem 3

If you were thinking of giving a gift
to help us on our way,
a gift of cash towards our house,
would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift,
feel free to surprise us in your own way.

(4) Already Have Everything?

If you been living together for years and already have everything, but still wouldn't mind a gift of cash, these poems are perfect for you. You probably don't want to have to deal with unwanted gifts after your wedding, when you should be enjoying your honeymoon and your marriage! So it is important to make that clear. You could also have a small registry, filled with a few special things that you truly want or need, along with your wedding wishing well.

General Wishing Well Poem 1

Because at first we lived in sin
We’ve got the sheets and a rubbish bin
A gift from you would be swell
But we’d prefer a donation to our Wishing Well

General Wishing Well Poem 2

We made a commitment some time ago
that together through life we were destined to go.
We purchased our furniture, linen and bedding,
in the fulfilling years leading up to our wedding.
What else we might need is not easy to foresee,
but what might help us in the future is a deposit on our Giving Tree.

General Wishing Well Poem 3

A wishing-well will await
to help build loving nest…
If instead a gift would buy,
ask our Mums – they know best
and details that can end your quest!

General Wishing Well Poem 4

Your presence at our wedding is present enough.
But if we’re honoured with a gift from you
May we respectfully request a gift of money
To help the building of our dream home come true!

General Wishing Well Poem 5

Our two families have come together as one.
We really hope you can join in the fun.
A wishing well we thought would be great,
but only if you wish to participate.
A gift of money is placed in the well,
then make a special wish, but do not tell!
Please do not be offended by our request,
as our day is complete having you as a guest.

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