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Rustic weddings have been in trend for more than 3 years now, and it doesn't look like they are going out of style any time soon! I remember when I was planning my wedding 3 years ago, rustic weddings had taken over the Pinterest. It isn't much different right now too.

We love the laid-back feel of rustic weddings, and if you are into DIY, you can keep the cost down and easily stick to your budget! Here are a few tips to get your rustic wedding just right!

(1) It's all about the wedding venue!

Nothing says rustic more than weddings held at farms, barns or wineries. It will be hard to pull off a rustic wedding at a five-star hotel. So, pick your venue wisely and you are half way there! 

Some of our favorite rustic wedding venues for South Australian brides include Al-Ru farm and St. Francis Winery and Resort

Photo by Mitcha Photography, taken at St. Francis Winery

(2) Choose the right dress

Lace wedding dress will be perfect for this! We are currently in love with this Megan by Grace Loves Lace.

(3) Pick your flowers

Bouquets that are loose, informal and full of characters are exactly what you need! Wild flowers, baby breath, proteas and greenery bouquets are just a few ideas to get you started!

Learn to make wild flower bouquets on Blooms Blog

(4) Decorations choices

You can't go wrong with touches of burlap, lace, wood and chalkboard! You can use these materials in all the wedding elements - small touches and details go a long way. Flowers wrapped with burlap and lace table runners are just a few examples. And, of course, make sure all your wedding signs are on point too!

Burlap and lace rustic wedding welcome signBurlap & Lace wedding welcome sign by Paper Bound Love

(5) Invitations & stationery

Choosing the right wedding invitations will help you set the tone for the event. Wedding invitations are the very first impression of the wedding that your guests will have. Kraft wedding invitations are obviously a popular choice. Lace wedding invitations will work beautifully too. If the design that you like doesn't look good printed on kraft paper, you can add a touch of rustic by picking kraft envelopes.

Rustic wedding invitation suite on kraft

Rustic Ella wedding invitation by Paper Bound Love

Doily wedding invitationDoily wedding invitation by Paper Bound Love

(6) Lastly, just add fairy lights!

Fairy lights can transform any venue into a magical place. Whether you are holding your wedding reception indoor or outdoor, fairy lights are a must-have!

Photo via Raquel Sergio Photography

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Top 6 tips for planning a rustic wedding

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