March 01, 2018 2 min read

We added 6 new designs in our shop.

(1) Forever & Always Wedding Planner

I am always day-dreaming fun wedding planner cover! I am in love with this font and I think "Forever & Always" is a perfect quote to be on the cover, don't you agree?

(2) Protea Wedding Guest Book

Move over, roses. Protea flowers are quickly becoming the flower of choice for many brides. They are especially perfect for bohemian weddings. And, they have a long vase life of up to 6 months, if you take good care of it! That means, you will get to keep your wedding flowers for a long time, how fun is that? 

As you can probably tell, they are my current favorite flower! So, I just have to design a guest book with a pretty protea. It has been so popular since we launched it on Etsy last month.

(3) Glam 18th Birthday Guest Book

This can be made for any age. I love glam themed party and I enjoyed designing this.

(4) Mint & Rose Gold Wedding Guest Book

We created this design in black and white for Natalie from Mono Home. 


 And of course, I thought it will be fun to make it in mint & rose gold, which is my current favorite color combo!


(5) Brush Script Wedding Guest Book

This design has been so popular on our Etsy shop. So we are making it available on our website too.

(6) Renae Wedding Guest Book

I am so happy to see that so many couples love having "❤" on the cover because our "Love" wedding guest book is one of our best-selling design. I thought it is about time I design another guest book with "❤" & a fun font!

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